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After a few difficult weeks I am back on track trying to catch up with the lessons. This one resonates completely with me, as recently i have realised indeed that in my heart I was not looking for the cessation of all suffering, and I am indeed though looking for the answer or answers to this question ‘How do you think we would have to live, if we were to live completely and yet free from suffering’. I would answer that we should not be selfish (not sure how to express the antonym to selfish here as I mean it from all points of view – maybe all loving, all understanding, helpful, sharing, generous, patient), we should be connected to the others and we should enjoy every moment of life, of living. I feel this in my heart and I want to follow it, but often fall short on the patience/understanding part and that of course affects the connection to others and the enjoyment of life. I have joined this course in the hope of learning how to get better from these points of view.