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Trishna Chohan

I’m very grateful for the fact that the meditations & Dhamma teachings & books by Burgs have explained so much that I did not understand before. So much so that the purpose of being and behaving in certain ways has become more meaningful. There is now awareness behind some actions that was not there before.
However the difficulty is that because there are so many spiritual paths / teachers & meditations. I often ask the question how does one know which is the right one? There is conditioning of our beliefs and what makes sense on an experiential and intellectual level individually, as well as what may be in conflict from one’s own understanding & teachings of a different spiritual path. I think one has to have had been touched by or experienced some aspect of the signs along the way to know their truth. This can take a lot of time, effort, persistence and patience. This is probably my karma. I’ve noticed that following any spiritual path, like life, has its’ peaks, troughs and plateaus. Even if I get pulled away by life’s duties, responsibilities & my personal desires – at some point I have to come back. For me, it’s like in the 1st film of the Matrix – once the tablet is taken – there is no going back to the way things once were.
I think the story of offering 2 tickets to Nibbana is very interesting because in order to commit to taking the ticket one has to have total trust in the spiritual path and the teacher. There has to be a sense of certainty. It’s like trusting & having faith that the acorn seed can grow into a tree & then eventually into a forest without ever actually ever having seen this for oneself.