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I can only echo the points that have been made in the previous posts as they feel true within my own personal experience. I particularly resonate with Sara’s response to Burgs question this week.
We do need both.
The heart essence teachings make my heart sing too. They bring relief and relaxation, a lightness of being and a deep sense of connection within all of creation. At the deepest heart level “All is well, all is well and all manner of thing shall be well” (Julian of Norwich)
But we do live as lay practitioners in a Western world which seems to be driven by striving, competing, acquiring and being seen, in quite a large measure. So I find that I do need those teachings that are given to encourage ‘robustness energetically’. They help me to work with my mind and body to clear obstacles and develop some clarity about what is really happening and how my ego is getting in the way ,so that I can bring more kindness and compassion to the situations and relationships I engage with.
I am very much a work in progress!
The guided meditation this week is beautiful and brought me peace and joy. Thank you Burgs. But I also need to sit on my cushion (chair actually) and meditate on the body so that I keep developing a harmonious mind, my concentration, mindfulness and equanimity.
Due to past commitments, some of which are still on-going, I am deeply embedded within my family and community and in the short time I have left I am unlikely to change the context in which I live.
My challenge, therefore, is to find the way to give my spiritual life the space I long for it to have, within the life I lead and to discard all the unnecessary elements that I am allowing to waste my time, so that I continue to grow and develop. I am really enjoying this Living Dhamma course, the teachings have provoked a lot of reflection on my part and have led to the start of some radical changes in my life. I am also appreciating all the responses which appear in the forum.
Thank you Burgs, thank you everyone.