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Good questions.
I think we’re all concerned about the future of earth and all beings aboard.
When I was younger we used to keep hens, they came from a battery farm as rejections not laying anymore featherles and unable to scratch the ground for food. After a month their feathers started to grow and they relearned to feed their self, two months and they layed eggs again and six later they were indistinguishable from free born hens.
If they had of been put back into the battery farm I’m sure they would have suffered that’s the nature of it, anyhow foxes often took them from the garden that’s the nature of it, but maybe back in the farm not suffered more than before and the other hens might look at them feel the change and a seed for change sown.
But we’re not hens and once we find the latch it becomes easier to come and go as we need.
I just don’t think we can continue as we are, I really feel that we need to feel to find the way out.
I don’t know but maybe in our times this could be the ultimate act of service.
Why else are so many of us going on foraging, green wood working, permaculture and meditation courses if not to reconnect to the source that is nature and attempt to stop using it as a resource.
And we deeply need guidance.