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I’ve was pondering this some more this morning and I get the impression that those people that are open to the idea of change often simply don’t know how to – they don’t know the alternate options or how to put them into practice. There’s no widely available alternate story to balance the one we’ve been sold from birth. Added to that there’s a sense of not understanding or perhaps believing that individual action can and does affect wider change. The other thing is that lone communities can be viewed as cultish in a negative sense. I know some of my friends think it’s odd I go on retreats and have warned me about the odd people I might meet there! Hehehe. So is there a way to unite with other like minded communities to share and make known common strengths and successes whilst enabling the uniqueness of each? A best practice pattern library or template than can be tweaked and evolved and used as a tool to empower new initiatives. It could legitimise, strengthen and give credibility to the ‘movement’ whilst allowing it to evolve at a unique level too. Open source community development 🙂