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Both! The heart essence teachings are what makes my soul sing but the teaching you give of robustness energetically, has been a recurring saviour for me whilst I’m on my ‘healing journey’ or whatever it’s called 🙂 The situations I put myself in throw me off centre all the time so I’ve needed the robust reordering techniques you teach to keep me on kilter whilst I make the choices necessary to simplify my life and whilst I drop my greed and sense of self, etc etc. I remember when first coming along to your workshops and short retreats and the sense of robustness and solidity your teachings offered was immensely important as I’d opened up previously, seemingly spontaneously, without knowing how to close that back down and make it part of a balanced and conscious life. I got in a right pickle. So the sense of safety and anchoring the teachings of robustness offer are still, whilst I transition, deeply important. They also seem to be a good in road to deeper opening to those people that sensibly take things gradually. The second track, the meditation is completely beautiful – exquisite. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.