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I do agree about the speed of life but it was busier for me in my 20s and I was far more heart connected then. Technology and TV are mesmerising and once I’m in that state, it takes triggers and prompts to realise it. I find it utterly addictive too. My eyes and brain want the constant fix that technology provides and my concentration is so weak now that I find it hard to complete one thing before being distracted by something else. Although that’s a pattern in my life anyway, it’s far more apparent than it used to be. In my new work place (a contract) I am expected to be available on one of my 2 computers all day via 2 different email addresses, or various instant messaging systems that show whether I am currently working the computer and whether I’ve read the message or not. I’ve been given another mobile phone to make sure I am contactable when away from the computer and if they don’t get me on any of that, then they use my personal mobile or landline. Meetings are more often than not now virtual too, via a headset and microphone and a shared screen, so it’s usual that if we’re not speaking, we can work on other documents at the same time. All my recent work places have been like this so I can only assume that it is how everyone works these days. At home, if I don’t take the time to snap out of it, I carry on the behaviour and do many things at the same time. So it’s like I never get the chance to concentrate on one thing and experience it fully like I did naturally as a kid. I have to make time to sit and collect myself during the day. Over the last few years, I’ve experienced it more and more like 2 different frequencies, one that’s real, nurturing and deeply connected with nature/the earth and one that’s almost synthetic and totally cerebral. Once I’ve settled back down into the nature connection, the technology frequency seems assaulting but it takes a lot of intent to drop out of technology zone back into nature. The time I feel most peaceful (it’s an utter relief) is when I”m out of mobile signal areas and in nature. I do wonder if it’s having a much deeper effect that I realise though, because even when I feel more grounded, connected and plugged in, it’s as if I can’t feel as deeply (in a way I’can’t put into words) as I used to… I often wonder what the attraction is to stay in that zone and from what I can tell from my experience and that of my friends and family, it’s layered. There’s disbelief / denial that stillness and plugging back in will add benefit, not really understanding what that means experientially, prioritising other things above the benefits of connecting/stillness, a very short term and immediate view on life, a wanting to appear normal and up-to-date. All of these are exasperated by being disconnected at the time of considering alternatives. When I consider what some people I know might think/feel about the questions you’ve posed, to be honest, it’s wouldn’t be something they had ever considered, believing that there’s nothing wrong other than that underlying sensation that there is…I hope that helps some 🙂