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In the last year, two close friends of mine, both in their seventies, have experienced dramatic changes in their lives.
One friend, following years of living with cancer and putting all her positive energies into searching out treatments, finally came to the end of the struggle and died. She made few preparations for her death and didn’t want to think about it. Her children are now faced with sorting out a lifetime’s collection of stuff including a large family house.

My other friend was suddenly and unexpectedly made a widow. She did all that was necessary to do at the time but now finds herself with very low energy and a large house full of all the stuff she and her husband have gathered through all their years together. The task of organising and disposing of much of this stuff has become very daunting to her.
These two events gave me a real wake-up call and I decided that I needed to take action in my own life whilst I still had sufficient energy to do so.

Also I have found over the last few years a growing longing to support my spiritual life by simplifying my needs – drastically de-cluttering my home, adopting a lifestyle which lowers my carbon footprint and buying only those things which are truly necessary.
In June I decided that this was a ‘now’ rather than a ‘tomorrow’ job! And that it had to be really radical. So the contents of every cupboard, drawer, box, folder and file are being considered and action taken. At the moment the process is time-consuming, messy and quite painful but I have already started to appreciate that I will feel more free and much lighter at the end of it.

On Saturday there was a further prompt by Burgs’ challenge to join the ‘Give-Back Generation’.
So I am definitely in and hopefully will start 2016 with a breath of fresh air blowing through my life.