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Hi everybody, I have not yet posted anything as I did not have any new thoughts to add but have been reading most of your posts on an almost regular base. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be in this course and to Burgs for taking the time to answer all our questions and being able to learn from each of you :-).

Referring to Burgs’ question I have made the following observation: there is a constant growing group of – let’s call them “spiritual people” (for lack of a better label) – that very much do self assess their actions, communication, decisions in life and the impact they have on others. It is very surprising for me how many very young (20+) people ( I am end of 40ties 😉 already have an amazing awareness of topics and areas they have to work on in their lives and are not afraid to do it.

As a trainer and coach I see a emerging tendency of people/companies asking for trainings on “mindfulness” and “awareness” which is quite a refreshing development given the fact that enterprises worldwide try to increase their shareholder value and of course revenues at almost all costs. In Germany there is a big demand for “de-accelerate” courses as it seems that some people have understood that working more and longer hours does not necessarily increase productivity and/or happiness.

However, there is the big mass that is glued to their electronic devices and seem to not be able anymore to spend a minute without “doing” something. I am not in the position to tell whether they do activities on their devices that help improve self-consciousness or rather try to keep their minds distracted in order to not feel emptiness, frustration, face difficult situations, to name a few.

So my first impression is that in general people are having less time than ever for themselves and trouble to stay in the present and feel what is actually going on BUT that there are some tendencies that go in the direction of being conscious of that what is. Modern technology really helps to connect to people who do go in this direction and it also gives us almost limitless access to information that helps our development in this direction. This is very much driven by the “young” generation and gives a lot of hope for the future. 🙂