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Maria. The inner critic will always be an opponent of faith. It can be a helpful balance but also it can constrict our willingness to open.
The point I have been trying to make with this discourse, is that if and when we do get to the point of seeing what is really going on in the background of our lives, it always, without fail, transforms us in a positive and not negative way. It may take real courage and strength to assimilate what we come to understand and integrate it into our world view and attitude towards life. If knowledge and vision causes a shrinking it is only out of fear at an egoic level at why is implied by the knowledge we come to. Trust and faith play a major role at this point in launching us into a a space where we feel courageous enough to let go what holds us back. It then at that point, that everything comes fully into focus and we know personally the truths that have been pointed at by our teachers and the teachings we have followed. we may well have to practice for a whole lifetime simply to be open enough to see the bigger picture when we die, but even this will have been worth all the effort when it comes.