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Hello everyone,
I’m joining this course mid-year. Reconnecting with my spiritual practice that I have allowed to fall by the wayside amidst a lengthy period of enormous change. Oh the irony! Just the time I’ve needed my spiritual focus the most!
That said, I believe with all that I am that the only moment we have is the breath we take … and that everything is always as it is meant to be.
And so here I am amongst you all, guided here by a soul I have never met before. Personality vs character. Synchronicity this is here before me…the very battle raging right now. Thank you for bringing attention to this so early on. For me my fear holds me back from relinquishing personality in order to live at peace with the character of my soul. Root chakra fear…the fear that if I inhabit my soul character my tribe, the world, the business world, will reject me and then how will I take care of myself. I know this to be utter nonsense…I know and have experienced the energy of being truly of character not ego personality. And yet I’m scared to let go again. It is time…and I thank Guy for your teachings and all of you out there in the either for the connection we share in the ether as we each seek & find out paths.