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Burgs – thank you for the discourses on death. A huge and interesting topic that I have spent little time reflecting on previously. I have thought about a lot of the material raised in relation to my ageing grandmother who is very special to me. In fact something i have found my meditation has really helped me with is to see how connected I feel to her, how much gratitude and love for her and initially as well how much fear I felt around the idea of her dying. Aside from my own children, she is the only member of my family who I feel truly connected to and I feel that sense of something intangible and timeless shared between us, almost as if we share a spirit or a history beyond this life’s experience.

I think meditation has helped me make peace with and accept the fact that, naturally, her death will come. And though I still feel sadness around this, the discourses over the past few weeks have encouraged me to shift my perspective and focus onto ways in which I might be able to support and share merit with her. So thank you for this.

One question I have had over the past few weeks is at what stage does the death/birth consciousness linking process I have heard you speak of on retreat happen, ie at what point does reincarnation manifest? After this week’s discourse I am assuming it is only after the dying process is complete – but even then does it occur immediately afterwards or is the amount of time variable ie can there be a time of waiting?

PS a thank you to all the people posting on the groups for sharing.

May all beings be happy.