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Thank you to all of you who have shared over the past few weeks. The insight we are sharing and contemplating together is deep and challenging and it take s humility and open heartedness to allow it to gently permeate through us. Much of it takes time to come fully into focus. It take a fluid and flexible mind to allow insight to keep maturing within us as it reaches us at an ever deeper level of understanding.
The single most important thing when working with insight practice, it to meet it where it meets us, each invididually, where we are at any given time, and allow the transformation it brings to be an inner transformation and not just the shifting of ideas within the mind. There is a deep energetic transformation that goes on gradually in stages and over time within us, and it works upon us in ways we may well not initially recognise.
So with respect to this there are two bits of advice that help us meet ourselves where we are, without conditioning that with any idea of where we think we should be or want to be…and these are. 1) Be happy where you are now…meet yourself there. 2) Be happy not knowing yet. i.e know always that we have not yet got the full picture and so our perspective and perceptions remain fluid and open to continued transformation. That is the very nature of what we mean by “Living Dhamma” We are living the Dhamma as it works through us. Be patient and gentle with yourselves. Thank you all for sharing.