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I also do not exactly know what you mean by sharing our merit. Could you give an example perhaps. I found this a very helpful discourse. I nursed my sister 20 years ago when she was dying of cancer and found her death to be such that it has left me fearful of my own when it comes. She died in great pain and it was terrible to witness and be unable to help. How good it would have been to have had your input in advance of this experience. However I also helped with nursing both my mother and father in the last few years and thankfully they had both lived long and happy lives and my father in particular died a gentle death, at least balancing a little that of my sister. As I am what will be at best the last quarter of my life, it is a topic that is of great interest to me, without being morbid. I hope that you have more to offer for us. Thank you as always for this.