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Pride is simply the biggest obstacle in my life. It separates me from so much that I hold dear, peace of mind, just peace itself. One of the biggest wake up calls of my life was a couple of years ago on retreat when this all pervading, life long feeling of ‘not being good enough’ and ‘feeling lesser than’ was given its true name of Pride. It had become my default position and somehow until then felt almost acceptable as it was not displaying itself as that unacceptable arrogance and superiority that many of my peer group had been warned against as children. At least I know what I am dealing with now, it’s not poor old me, it’s full of pride me! I deal with it a little better just by being aware of it for what it is, for the most part by restraint rather than having managed to let it go. And just rarely and for the briefest moment during meditation I get the exquisite relief of it being gone. Thank you Burgs for this and all the dhamma that you have shared with us on this course.