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Hi Kim,

I am a fellow city dweller but a sensitive person and I live with trees around and a park nearby which really helps. I also have the place full of plants and fresh flowers and this really helps feeling connected and alive. I talk to the plants alot and connect to them as living creatures – I don’t really care if it is my imagination but it works for me. If I am ever able to own somewhere I will be straight to the animal shelter to get some more living beings. I just got back from my dad’s who lives in the country and my energy just blossomed there. There are also a lot of animals there so I think if you can make an effort to get out of the city on a regular basis that helps too. I do have stones in the house – a couple of clear quartz crystals programmed with Burgs energy – not sure if he still has these but you used to be able to purchase them on retreat. I also have a few pieces of black tourmaline – some I bought whilst travelling and one bit I got online and I sleep with those near me as I find they really help to clear my energy field. I keep the broadband off unless I need it. Those are my strategies for a ‘middle way’ for what it is worth. xx