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I also read these lecture notes with great interest. I think I’ve recognised for a long time that I could no longer live in a town or city happily. But I hadn’t understood this to be my lack of desire/volitional energy. Fortunately for me, I’ve lived in the country for over 20 years now (and somehow eeked out a living!). My energy is much more coherent in a natural environment. Any messiness is what I do to myself!

However, what I experience now is being incredibly sensitive to EMF pollution because I don’t live in it – I can feel someone’s phone even if they are a distance from me, and feel quite wiped out by wi-fi at people’s homes and in cafes and shops. Even a trip to Hereford can be a bit exhausting!! I’m not very good at keeping my energy to myself so I probably feel it more than I need to, and also there’s my increasing aversion to feeling EMF affect me. I feel angry the world is going this way. I know I need to accept that EMF pollution is part of my karma and know I’m lucky enough to be able to return home and “recover”.