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Thanks for the review week. Been feeling into complacency and how it leads us to wander from fortunate rebirth to unfortunate on and on. I think at first I just thought complacency meant doing harmful things or being really negligent, but with reviewing all the information on how our karma is mental mainly, I’m seeing that complacency is in my general attitude most if not all the time. I don’t do anything particularly bad but nor do I live with a daily acknowledgment that I am so blessed. How can I be feeling a bit heavy and burdened back at work after a holiday when people in Nepal (and of course, so many other places) are struggling just to stay alive. That I can lose touch with how lucky I am (ie not FEEL it even if I tell myself it) is really shocking and this is where a lot of my work lies, I think.

Also, determination is another area. I can see where so many of my efforts sort of trail off……Where’s the conviction to make the main things the main things, rather than waste time and energy on peripheral stuff.

I’m looking forward to more on the paramis of energy. I’m feeling more and more how I fritter energy away by worrying – even over things that have already happened but mainly things that MIGHT happen. And in arenas where even if they did happen, none of it is life-threatening or hugely important in the scheme of things. And the energy wasted in talking about others and making assumptions about what other people might be thinking and expecting the worst in an upcoming situation. Even writing it, I can feel how messy it is and exhausting!

So lots to get stuck into!