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I have really enjoyed these comments. The notes make a lot of sense. I have experienced bouts of depression in my life when strong desires were frustrated or when I have been unable to access the space/time/connection to nature that regenerates me. I recently moved to a place in London that is very green and where I can hear birdsong. I used to live here 12 years ago with a boyfriend and then I found it hopelessly fuddy duddy. By a bizarre twist of fate or karma perhaps as it was the first advert I saw and I got the flat I have returned and now I can feel how the energy here sustains me. I can literally feel how my energy lifts when I step off the tube and feel the flowers and trees around me. The quiet here seems to recharge me to cope with working in central London. I also am fed by the culture of London, however, I seem to need the art, history etc that is here likewise the intellectual stimulation of the people. One problem I have always had is that I am very sensitive to the energy of others like a sponge and I have to be really vigilant about unwholesome psychic energy. I can often find myself serving the needs of others before I know it so I look fwd to Burgs insights on relationships which I hope will supplement these notes.