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This is an incredibly interesting discourse on the sources of energy which I find specially relevant after the discussion in earlier weeks on generosity and ‘always giving from a full cup’.
If I understand well, the highest source of energy is the universal chi field because it is inexhaustible. Right? How can we then maximise our connection to this source? I am guessing that there are two main aspects to it: a) the place/location where the Chi Energy gathers strongly (even within nature there must be special places) and b) our personal ability to connect with It and allow It to ‘soak’ us.
Do we have to minimise, like you mention Yogis do, ‘the egoic energy galvanising our life at personal level’? Thinking like this makes me sad because I am not sure I could ever do this. I couldn’t, for example, give up the love I have for my children, and the desire to protect them and help them find happiness and peace.

Also I am a little confused here – I am not sure that I agree that cities and man made environments are so negative in this respect, at least not in my experience. I consider myself eminently urban. I thrive in a city. ‘I find resonance there’. Cities give me access to different people and points of view and to great examples of human expression – Art among other things: architecture, exhibitions, music, theatre, lectures. I find many inspiring and some spiritually nourishing. I have had profound experiences in urban activity and can find silence (because I need lots of it) and serenity, as I could find them in beautiful natural environments. May be I am wrong. It is a complex subject!

May the Force be with you. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The phrase keeps going round in my head)

Thank you Burgs.