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Wow. I think that you are amazing Burgs: your written piece on Energy and Vitality was amazing. I printed it off and have read it several times over the last few days. If what you say is true,, it perfectly and electromagnet-catergorically explains what is happening with the ‘Source quantum (chi) field’ in some areas like big cities. (disrupted source in cities etc). I personally really feel the difference now directly, when I drive AWAY from these things (i.e. go out of London to the Country), I feel the vibrancy of the trees and feel that I feel comfortable there/my energy doesn’t contract from aversion and contract because of the harmful energy fields there. …it begins to open and relax into my environment there. and when I drive back into the city from the country (I do this a lot) there certainly is a kind of electro fuzziness and haziness that really stresses me out as I enter London, etc, , but within a while of being back in the city I forget the electro-hazi-blockiness is there, and it isn’t until I go somewhere ‘coherant’ again( i.e. countryside I live in Chesham at the mo) that I notice the comparison. (directly feel the difference around my body field)

I was wondering a question regarding Chi Kung: (since it is tapping into the Source energy): Is it ok or appropriate to visualise the colour ‘Gold’ as we sweep the channels with Chi Kung? > Or is this also bending energy? I do notice that when I visualise the colour gold in any blocked area it helps a bit and I know that lots of practisioners (Mantek Chia etc) do most of there energy therapy using the colour ‘gold’. I just want to practise appropriately and safely and was wondering for a while now whether that’s ok to visualise whilst simultaniusly drawing the Earth/Sky chi? > I know you haven’t taught us like this, and was wondering your thoughts here.
Also with regard to the city,, do you think that any of these ‘grounding devices’ that claim to help ground, or some others claim to wavematch and neutralise, the harmful pulses and vibrations of these harmful EMF’s of the modern day, actually work? Or please do they still just ‘add another layer ontop of’ the problem’ and not actually reverse the problem. (many have claimed that orgonite or such things can scientific-measureablly change the ambient environment to a healthy environment using EMF readers.. I do wonder whether this is some kind of subtle bending of energy though,, and wonder if this is also, as you say ‘just ideas’ and ‘bending energy to will’ rather than actually stabalising and rectifying the electromagnetic life supporting problems in cities etc.

>I hope that makes sense. Thanks Burgs for sharing your incredible insights with us. x