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This very much feels like the right lesson at the right time. I find it so difficult to get up at the moment. I set my alarm for 6.00am and am woken out of dream sleep and get up and switch it off. And I know if I get back in bed for “10 minutes”, I will fall back to sleep and then not have time to meditate and do Qi Gong (or I will do it with the feeling that I should really just be getting on with my day). I lack the determination to just go and brush my teeth and by the time I do that I’m awake enough to practise. And very much linked to choices – knowing that going to bed later than 10.30pm will make it hard for me to get up early and yet somehow feeling I deserve my long evening after work, often doing stuff that doesn’t further my so-called aspirations.
A friend has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and I’m very aware that we never know how much life we have left in which to do the things that have meaning for us. So yes, determination to make the main thing the main thing, rather than doing all the trivia that I know I would regret if I suddenly didn’t have as much life left as I expected. So this lesson is a really great prompt – I’m looking forward to working with it (and I’m going to stick a notice on my alarm clock!!).