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Hi. I just wanted to say that I was absolutely blown away by your last post there Burgs. I have a tendency to get very resentful over the most trifling things. I can ‘feel’ it developing (its a feeling around my face, hard to explain) before my mind kicks off, and can to a certain extent ‘watch’ it unfold. I write inventory at the end of each day and can usually see it for what it is: envy, pride, arrogance etc. But I am in conflict with the very fact that it arises it all. Why, I ask myself, when I am so aware of this stuff does it still happen. So clearly I am in conflict with it. If I understand you correctly, I need to accept that these feelings will arise if I am to change and eventually move beyond their arising?? Please let me know if I have understood correctly. Many thanks for this course and your forum comments.