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Apologies for the voice in the discourse. It was the end of a bout of flu!.

With regards to Miranda’s comments above, the point I am making is that at various times in our lives we have different karma fruiting, sometimes supportive and sometimes disruptive. This works either in support of or in conflict with the underlying karmic support for our lives that we have come into this life with. The deepest karma of any single life is the karma that fruited to bring you to this life. This is the very basis of Bavanga ( your unconscious mind and your sense of self) in this life. Then during the course of a life interceptive karma ( in conflict with the life current) or supportive karma ( re-enforcing of the life current) fruits for each of us at different times in our life. this is what account for period when things seem to progress well and when no matter how hard we try nothing works out as well as we had hoped.