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I’m finding the explanations fascinating and the investigation of patience, forbearance and purification really resonated with me. I feel that often my wish to ‘let go’ or purify is loaded with aversion and although that is getting subtler, it’s still there. In most instances, my patience is weak unless it’s something I am good at already or enjoy doing and to think that I cannot purify myself more quickly than I am, if only I had the insight or the willingness to, is not something I’ve wanted to accept. Especially more recently as everything seems to be available instantly at our finger tips.
Is what you’re saying, that even if you’ve purified yourself to the point that the Buddha had, there may still be karma that has to play out; it’s not that he couldn’t let go of what caused his back pain, it’s that it still had to run it’s course?
I also find the idea of supporting karma running out interesting. I distinctly remember that in my early 20s, after years and years of hard partying and pleasure seeking, all things suddenly became much harder and many of the good fortunes that I seemed to effortlessly have in terms of material, physical and mental ‘assets’ dimmed or disappeared. It was really confusing because I couldn’t understand why – there seemed no reason. People often comment on it to me too.
This year, like you suggested, I have started learning / doing things that I am not so naturally good at as a way of enjoying simple doing and learning as apposed to something that needs a ‘successful’ outcome. I’m finding it quite liberating as it takes the pressure off.
Again, thank you. I like this course very much and am finding it very useful.