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I also struggle with the understanding and the practice of ‘letting go’. A few weeks ago I was reading a book by Ajahn Brahm where he tells a story about a time when he was meditating in a monastery with the worst toothache of his life. He tried everything, especially ‘letting go’. After several days in agony, he writes:”… and eventually I saw the true meaning of let go”. From then on, all was bliss. Unfortunately he doesn’t say any more. May be Burgs can explain a little more. But it left me thinking…and I realised that I didn’t, and still don’t, understand the true meaning of ‘let go’. It must be something way beyond ‘sit on it’. When I am meditating and I have a pain in my back or my leg, sometimes I can reduce it by ‘sitting on it’. But it comes back, sometimes with a vengeance. Obviously, I can’t let go of the aversion to pain, I don’t know how to do it. It is the same for other pains or unsettling emotions (wavering of the heart base?). Perhaps it is something to do with letting go, not of what causes that pain, but the effect it has on me, so the cause becomes irrelevant but the effect is not?