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Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu to Virtue indeed! ☺
That’s really interesting and makes perfect sense. Thanks Burgs. I do find it confusing at times as I am not sure where the thoughts and feelings come from, especially the guilt but I guess jealousy is jealousy and resentment is resentment so it doesn’t really matter where it comes from when it comes to being with it.
I do mostly make best effort to live virtuously and it is often a port in a storm. I truly believe like you say, that there is no higher truth than to live virtuously. My virtuous actions are however sometimes restraint rather than a effortless way of being as yet but that still feels better to me than how it does when I don’t restrain some of my less noble urges. What I wonder about sometimes is the best foot forward in closing the gap between what I present to the world and my shadow or mental karma as that gap is ginormous. The gap is so big I didn’t even realise I was carrying that karma for a long time then when I had no choice but to realise it or witness it, I was surprised at the scale, charge around and intricacy of my confusion. I also find it hard to discern how to navigate between acting authentically, honouring and being with the energy that it presents itself and ‘restraining’ it at the same time. It seems to be a fine line between restraining and suppressing and suppressing/judging is what leads to the disparity in the first place isn’t it? Is it simply a matter of an aeon of Vispassana retreats (shudders) and delving deep in appropriate settings and a mature managing in the rest of daily life?
Thank you for the music too. It’s a beautiful journey he takes us on isn’t it? Wonderful x