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I have a question related to living Dhamma and the modern world, which was the interest point that spurred me to undertake the course. I don’t know much about The Buddha or his life other than he gave up a Princely one to search for enlightenment. I also understand that how humans ‘work’ hasn’t changed over the 2500 since he was about – but lots has. Now, I guess that when you relinquish being a Prince you are also released from the responsibilities that go with that (making laws that affect others etc etc). This would be a nice place to be. However, I guess for most of us this isn’t immediately available, for me I have a 9 year old and a wife and the responsibility that comes with that. To support my life I have a job and within that role I have the responsibility to make decisions that affect other people. Now, I can say that I have been lucky in that I have been able to affect quite a few peoples lives positively, but some of these decisions will have had a detrimental affect, albeit small, on others , second or third hand. To explain, I am in sales and this means if someone wins business then someone else loses business. So, my question is around the reality of how far, in a modern world, can we gain happiness and gladden the heart? I try to make good decisions, be kind and generous but as I have shown at times this is a double edged sword. Is this like a leaky bucket? So, long as I fill it with kindness and generosity and do so quicker and in greater volume than I lose through the times that I negatively affect others lives – is this enough and is this the expectation level when practising in the modern setting? being a pragmatist but someone who has reflected on these last 2 sessions I thought it worth asking.