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Forgive me for going back to the first point, which Kirsten raised, I am still catching up with this interesting exchange. For a long time I’ve had a question in my head: are there/should there be boundaries, limits to exercising virtue?
I agree with Kirsten, there are many people in life who are…forgive my language, suckers, vampires and they don’t necessarily look like one! For them ‘taking’ is a necessity or a habit or who knows, just plain easy. So the issue here, at least for me, is ‘self preservation’. By the way, I am not necessarily referring to personal relationships but trying to make a more general point.
One of my favourite Spanish philosophers, Miguel de Unamuno, wrote in one of his essays: “if the water that flows from your spirit quenches their thirst, why this obsession to swallow the spring?”
If we give and give, won’t we end up with nothing to give anymore? Is that being stingy? Are we less generous or virtuous when we set limits to our giving?