This 12 week foundation course is designed to help you systematically build a deep and stable home meditation practice. It takes a detailed look at how to develop strong concentration, mindfulness and serenity / mental calm, before going onto investigate how we can use meditation to dig out and release the negative habit patterns of the mind and bad reactions in the memory.

The course also incorporates aspects of yogic / taoist breath work and some introductory chi kung practice to refine and balance the body and nerve system.


The course works systematically through the various aspects of breathing. It also investigates the energetics of breath work as a healing practice to open up the body’s energy, while developing the various aspects of meditation.

You will learn:
1. How to set up your practice at home properly, with clear guidance and support.
2. The difference between concentration and mindfulness, and how to develop both of these qualities in your mind.
3. To develop and balance both higher levels of mental energy and serenity.
4. Transform negative habit patterns and attitudes into positive ones.
5. Chi Kung and breathing exercises to increase levels of vitality and mental clarity.

It is aimed for both beginners and experienced meditators. It goes into more depth and detail than our “Stillness Programme” and will appeal to those who have tried meditation but are looking for structured teachings and guidance to really get more deeply engaged in it.

The quality of our breath reflects closely the integrity of our physical and mental health. This is why the breath gives us a direct mechanism by which to monitor the changing conditions of both the body and mind, as we seek in the early stages of meditation to bring ourselves into a more coherent and organised state at every level.

Each week you will receive new discourses and instructions, as well as guided meditations that you can download (which range from 15mins to 40mins as we progress through the course).

As with all our online courses, you are supported at every step of the way. You will have secure access to a dedicated section of the website where you can access the course material and share comments with other course participants. You can also seek personal guidance from the teacher if you should need further clarification at any stage.

Further reading is suggested. Relevant sections of Burgs’ book “The Flavour of Liberation” will be available for free on the course website. You may wish to buy this book if you would like to put the relevant sections into their wider context and refer to the full comprehensive guide of meditation.




Start Date 16TH JANUARY 2015


Duration 12 WEEKS




Price £150




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